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District Attorney City Amount of Soros Funding Short Brief about D.A. Effect on crime
Diana Becton—Contra Costa County, California $275,000 Becton became the first woman and first African American elected to serve as DA for Contra Costa County. She is also one of the first in the position to have zero prior experience as a prosecutor. During Becton’s first years in office four Contra Costa cities made the list of the top 100 most dangerous cities in California in 2018 Report: Four Contra Costa cities make list of 100 most dangerous in California
George Gascon—Los Angeles County, California Soros has spent $3 million on Gscon races Since the election, his implementation of left-wing policies led to a crime wave that has became the stuff of legend. Homicide rates soared, organized shoplifting sprees ravaged the city, trains were stopped and ransacked by mobs of looters. Under Gascon’s watch the city of Los Angles has rapidly become a national disgrace.

Monique Worrell—Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange and Osceola Counties), Florida more than $1 million    
Darius Pattillo—Henry County, Georgia  $150,000 Patello was elected in 2016 and has remained the most unremarkable Soros-backed DA elected to date. In fact, Soros’s funding of Patello nearly went unreported, possibly because Patello does not seem to share the radical views of his fellow Soros DAs.

Kim Foxx—Cook County (Chicago), Illinois  $2 million Foxx has most recently been in the news for potential ethics violations in her 2019 decision to drop charges against Jussie Smollet for his infamous hate crime hoax.

Foxx has also made headlines for presiding over Chicago’s largest spike in homicides in more than 30 years while her office dropped charges against 30 percent of felony defendants during 2020.
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