Obama is the most successful president in U.S. history

Unfortunately Bernie Obama's vision has been accomplished. 

His goal of success was our decline.

"We will fundamentally transform America."

The president has changed America.  We are more dependent on the Federal Government, our businesses are more regulated, our health care choices are now in the hands of bureaucrats, federal agencies are used to punish citizens that don't agree with the administration's politics, he increased the debt owed by every person to $64,000...

We now live in a different America.

Obam's success has been our decline.

  • More racial discord not less
  • More people working less hours for less pay
  • Decline in the middle income take home pay
  • Increased our health care costs
  • Changed out healthcare insurance industry from individual choice to government's choice (just like pet owners at the vet)
  • Middle East turmoil - more not less
  • More terrorism not less
  • Increased military incursions by Russia - not more cooperation
  • Allowed Iran to have nuclear weapons and giving them money to do so
  • Worsened relations with Israel
  • Within the first 3 months of office, gave the bust of Winston Churchill back to the U.K.
  • After Ferguson Missouri riots, Bernie took armored vehicles away from local police - now armored cars can protect money just not people
  • Stalled U.S. oil drilling permits and the Keystone pipeline because of "environmental concerns" while letting huge donor Warren Buffett continue to use his less safe rail roads to bring the same oil into the U.S.
  • He has taught our children to blame others for problems that are our responsibility
What did we expect when we elect a president that did not grow up in America as an American; was around a father that berated the U.S.; raised in a family that blamed others for most everything while giving participation trophies to Bernie; worked as a community organizer that stirred up discord by blaming others; professed to become a Christian when it was politically prudent; claimed that America is not a Christian nation; looked the other way when 100,000 Christians were slaughtered in the Middle East, but decried racism when Americans wanted to pause the acceptance of Syrian immigrants;

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