Commandment #10 - Do Not Covet

He commands, "As you love yourself, so love your neighbor."

Which means:
  • As you long for nice clothes for yourself, so long for nice clothes for your neighbor.
  • A99 percenters seiu 10ths you work for a comfortable place to live, so desire a comfortable place to live for your neighbor.
  • As you seek to be safe and secure from calamity and violence, so seek comfort and security for your neighbor.
  • As you seek friends for yourself, so be a friend to your neighbor.
  • As you want your life to count and be significant, so desire that same significance for your neighbor.
  • As you work to make good grades yourself, so work to help your neighbor make good grades.
  • As you like to be welcomed into strange company, so welcome your neighbor into strange company.

So where does envy fit into this?  Where does greed fit?

I picked up my daughter at a friends house.  It was opulent, they had a beautiful house.  Their two children had so much - even a backyard ice skating rink.  The parents were gracious and very polite and seemed like great people.

So what should I pray for?  Should I be jealous of what they have?  Should I demand that they pay their "fair" share?

What I did pray for is that family have more children, have 4, 8...   I pray this was a righteous prayer.

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