The Love Cycle

Agape, Philos, Eros

The Love Cycle cropped

Where does love come from? 

What should we do with love?

Agape - is a warm gentle rain that nourishes life.

Philos - is a snowstorm that keeps people home with each other and encourages us to help the neighbor shovel their driveway.  It also can result in a time for fun in the snow with friends & family. Philos requires Agape to be fruitful.

Eros - is a thunderstorm, a hurricane, a tornado; it can be devastating if you are not prepared for it; to wait it out; or flee from it.  Eros requires Agape and Philos as a wind break so you do not get caught up in the gale.

Riddle:  What do you have that has no value unless you freely give it away?

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