Quantum Mind

When your mind wanders, you experience superposition of your mind.

When you’re “back” and focusing, you collapsed the mind’s superposition.

While “wandering,” you have thoughts that seem to “pop up” from nowhere; some may be related, opposite, or completely from left field. You have multiple thoughts that may conflict diametrically; and you have no judgement of either’s validity. They just “are.”

When you notice your mind is wandering, you experience the beginning of the collapse of the superposition. You experience both the wandering and the focus. Sometimes we decide on the wandering, sometimes we decide on the focus. We choose superposition vs collapse – but doesn’t choosing one over the other another kind of collapse? What is the mechanism of collapse? It seems like attention; once you focus attention, superposition collapses. So what the heck is attention?

The state of collapse and superposition is a continuum; and our level of experience and retention of that continuum is also a continuum.

It seems we can “geo-fence” attention in our mind. We can focus on an issue, but expand the “possibilities” of the issue. We can expand superposition within a region or area of interest.

Insight / Genius – when you remember, in detail, your mind’s superposition, and can describe it.

Mental problems occur when you act out from your mind’s superposition.

Problems occur when your body experiences emotions from the mind’s superposition.

Can emotions have superpositions?

Not sure what this graph means…

People lost in Superposition feel out of control. They can’t control their thoughts. They think a million things at once.

What is the process / event that makes us collapse the mental state? Can this process be learned? Can this help people lost in superposition?

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