Definition of Sin Tax

Sumptuary taxes (i.e. Sin Taxes) are important in reducing transactions involving something that society considers undesirable. Sin taxes are used for taxes on activities considered socially undesirable. Sumptuary taxes are implemented to mitigate use of (i.e. reduce the use of) alcohol and tobacco, gambling, etc...

These type of taxes are levied by governments to discourage individuals from partaking in such activities without making them illegal.

If we raise the tax on alcohol we get less spending on alcohol.  And the converse is true - if we lower the tax on alcohol, we get more spending on alcohol.

With that logic, if we increase taxes in the form of stiff regulations and higher income taxes on busessness we will get fewer businesses.

And, if we lower taxes and regulations on businesses, we should get more.  What do businesses do? 
  • Provide Goods and Services
  • Employ people
The very liberal state of NY prepared a video to promote new businesses in the state.  Their big push is "NO TAXES FOR 10 YEARS).

Progressives, are you understanding this?

The best way to increase the minimum wage is to have an economy that is growing so fast, businesses can't find enough employees.  What do they have to do to encourage employees to choose their business and not the one down the street?

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